What Healthy Eating Looks like


Over the next few months I would like to focus on the importance of what we eat.  Yes, I am talking about food which means, any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.

I do need to share that many of the conditions that afflict our health can be improved tremendously by eating the right kinds of food.  I think by now you are getting the point that what I mean by food, may not be all that is available in the grocery store.  So, just to kick off the month, I am sharing a picture of a plate that I like that shows how to combine food into it's proper portions to create a really delicious, healthy meal. 

As much as you can, focus on eating that which comes from the earth.

You can still enjoy your food by just changing the combination of the items in the meal. From the picture you will note you can still have rice and beans but the combination of the two in the same meal is not a good idea (they both break down into sugar and together can be too high a load). 

This plate can reflect any meal of the day for example, for breakfast - eggs any style (protein), avocado or cheese (healthy fats) and berries (carbohydrates). 

This graphic is merely a guideline to help you visualize proper portions. Personally,  I always add cheese to my omelet but it’s not the picture of the plate…that is okay.  No need to start off with expensive grocery items such as farm-raised meats and ultra-organic produce. Start by being cognizant of what healthy eating looks like from a food portion perspective.  That would be a great start. More to come…

In health,

Dr. Dina Goytia-Leos