San Antonio Medical Associates’ Practitioners offer the following services:


o   General Adult Physical Exams

o   Women’s Wellness Exams

o   Adolescent General Physical Exams

o   Chronic Disease Management (Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, etc.)

o   Inpatient Hospital Care

o   On site laboratories

o   On site imaging (Bone Density, X-ray, Ultrasound)

o   Pre-Operative Evaluation and Clearance

o   Same Day Appointments

o   School and Sports pre-participation exams

o   Electronic Medical Records

o   Adolescent and Adult Immunizations

o   Weight Loss

o   Physical therapy in house

o   EKG’s

o   Pulmonary Function Testing

o   Skin Biopsies

o   Acne treatment

o   Joint injections and aspirations

o   Laceration Repair

o   Audiometry

o   Incision and Drainage (Cysts, Boils, Abscess’s, etc.)

o   Skin tag removal

o   Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment